Fathers & Sons
For a Lifetime
Engage A High-Octane
Equip A One-Day

Transforming the father-son relationship.

Every boy needs a man. A man of significant influence who is intentionally present and engaged. A man who is consistent and cares. A man who is bold, courageous, available and honest. Not a program, a man. Many of us feel ill-equipped to fulfill this critical role, but as dads we must determine to lead our sons into biblical manhood.


The Pure Adventure Experience

Pure Adventure™ is where fathers and sons meet for a time of fun, outdoor activities, deepened communication, and inspirational messages. Dads will leave Pure Adventure™ with practical, time-proven tools for staying connected with their sons for a lifetime. Boys and young men will be equipped and challenged to live their lives as godly men with a proper view of purity and masculinity. It’s affordable and accessible in cost, location, and time. We supply the food, gear for activities, and messages so that dads and sons just have to show up and be ready to have fun.

The Reviews Are In

“It reconnected me
with my Dad.”

“Real, straight and powerful.”

“The most fun I have had.”

“This was the best
day of my life.”

“It was an experience we’ll
remember the rest of our lives.”

“Great bonding experience,
brought me closer to my son.”

“Awesome opportunity to have conversations with my son I wouldn’t normally have.”

The experience of a lifetime