The King’s Operative

Special Event with Ironcenturion

April 30th – May 1st

Pure Adventure partners with Ironcenturion for a special event like you have never seen…

Friday to Saturday. For young men 12+ with their dad or other man of significant influence. Cost is $125 per person. We start at 7:00pm sharp! please arrive at 6:30 for check-in. Event will conclude by 6:00 pm on Saturday, and you will not want to miss how we end this!

4C Ranch

3833 CR 163, Stephenville, TX 76401

See the map & directions PDF below for step-by-step guidance to your destination!

The King’s Operative

During WWII Winston Churchill created the Special Operations Executive in which ordinary British citizens were recruited to join the highly secretive organization in order to wreak havoc behind enemy lines on German infrastructure.


Father-son teams will be required to work together to develop skills they most likely have never learned before!


What to Bring; Required:

A great attitude and lots of energy!

Hiking Shoes/boots*

Rugged Water Source(s) no less than 40 oz., filled before arrival


Sleeping Bag/Bivy Sack*


Headlamp (Red lens preferred)

Wrist watch without GPS

Note taking materials


Hygiene Kit (with baby wipes)


What to Bring; Optional:

Extra Clothes

Sleeping Pad

Wet weather gear


Bug Spray/Sunscreen

Survival Kit

Large Ziplock bags to keep gear dry


Entrenching Tool (E-Tool)

550 Cord

Duct Tape


Please Do Not Bring

Any firearms

Electronics (GPS, tablet, phone, two-way radios, etc)

Food, candy, soft drinks, or adult beverages

Your little sister


 Packing List Explanation:

Hiking Shoes: You’ll need something that you can walk around the woods in that can handle mud, rocks, cactus, and/or slippery, mossy creek crossings. NOT athletic shoes…

Backpack: Without letting the cat out of the bag, you’ll be carrying whatever you bring. Make sure it all fits before you get to the event. If you had to carry it on your back to keep you alive for an unspecified duration what would you bring with you?

Sleeping Bag/Bivy Sack: We’ll be out under the stars.

Firearms: We love the 2nd Amendment as much as you do- but for this event we ask that you leave any firearms at home or in your vehicle during the event.