Welcome to #PureAdventureBINGO

While we usually like to spend time with our dads and sons through interactive, boots on the ground activities, this season of life has forced us to find new ways to connect and grow as fathers, sons and families.

To take advantage of this family time at home, we have put together a fun #PureAdventureBINGO program for you that will provide 25 different ways to connect with your son and family over the next few weeks. From hands-on activities to discussion based questions, this program will help enrich your relationships and help you have some fun along the way.

Here’s how to play:

1. Print out the below BINGO board and tape it to your refrigerator or anywhere you and your son look daily.

2. Complete 5 activities together to make BINGO. When you make BINGO, take a photo of you, your son and your board together and post it on social media. Tag @PureAdventureEvents on Facebook or @PureAdventureTX on Instagram using #PureAdventureBINGO.

3. For every BINGO made, you will be entered into a raffle to win a professionally guided fishing trip and a Yeti Tundra 45!! Winner will be announced on April 30.

4. Earn bonus entries for tagging us in photos of you completing your activities throughout your BINGO play….we want to see you learning, growing and enjoying this time together.

Download Your BINGO Board

Watch the below videos for B1, B2, B5, I3, N1, G1, G2, O4, O5.

Watch to Complete B1
Watch To Complete B2
Watch To Complete B5
Watch To Complete I3
Watch To Complete N1
Watch To Complete G1
Watch To Complete G2
Watch To Complete O4
Watch To Complete O5